Three Beers & Fiveteen Trillion Ideas

I recently saw a friend mention on Twitter something about a midlife crisis. I’m THAT age now. Sweet. Anyway, I joked that I’d either been in one since I was 17, or I hadn’t crossed that bridge yet. This is that bridge. I’m exhausted and also (perpetually) energized with the power of a thousand suns…or fiveteen trillion. I’m one of those people that you read about that makes a million, then proceeds (pun intended) to lose a million. Over and over again. I’m a serial entrepreneur. And this is what we do. Cursed with being a creative and with a head for business. Sounds neat. Like first world problems or some shit like that. It is and it’s not. Pretty sure a good old-fashioned Bi-polar diagnosis is in order. It’s exhausting. So, let’s do something new…and fun. I’m ready for fun.

So, this is what I’m doing/thinking now:

I’d like to do a cookbook. Not that there’s a “traditional” cookbook, but I’m staying away from traditional anything….right now at least.

So, in the following posts – I’m going to outline ideas and flex my muscles and see where we land. Sound good? Good.

As my secret admirer suggests, I’ll make a series of blog posts (Maybe 4-6) and you, my trusted allies, will make suggestions and edits, and perhaps send me pictures of you in the bathtub casually perusing my blog and making me feel better overall. Deal? Good.

Here’s a stock photo that came up when I started the blog. Either the sun is setting on my terrible life, or it’s rising so I can continue this hell on earth.

I love you all…


2 thoughts on “Three Beers & Fiveteen Trillion Ideas

  1. Technically..the sun is always setting on our asses, just keep on trying to see the next rise. It’s nice to read about peeps trying to make life interesting, and not afraid to fail, succeed, fail and keep trying. You make life a better pass dude.

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