Let’s Consider a Few Things…

As any good company has a vision, we also need to (at the very least) comprise a mission statement…in the traditional sense at least. This does a couple of things; derives a vision (Even if you (or me currently) aren’t ready to commit to a path); establish goals, or even presume an end game (where does this land and ultimately end?). So, today lets flesh out a few ideas…
Let’s start with what I do know:
1. I know that I’d like to get a cookbook done by August of 2018. Mostly because this gives me time to self-publish and get things ready in time for potential holiday sales.
I really want this to be a pure representation of me. Not because I’m amazing and your life would be better if I was to impart a bit of me in you, but…yeah…scratch that. It would.
2. Authenticity. The cookbook will come from me and what I know to be good. Also, these recipes will be easily navigated by the reader. I’m not here in an attempt to impress you with words, techniques and bullshit that would prove useless. This is an information book. It will be presented in my ‘authentic’ voice to inform the reader and to entertain too.
3. This will be presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. The photographs will be vibrant and colorful, the illustrations will be rustic and have a ‘doodling’ feel, the recipes will be concise and in servings of four, the methods will be simple to understand and absent of unnecessary steps.
4. Finally, this is a ‘Basics’ cookbook. BY that I mean, that the essentials will be covered – Baking, Grilling, Sautéing, Roasting…etc. Also, a quick list of equipment and utensil needs. I’m also considering wine/beer pairings and maybe a section on cocktails. I’m just not sure if I mention wine/beer pairings on the same page as the recipe or if I dedicate a section to pairings…I feel it might get lost if it’s on it’s own, but I also don’t want to confuse the reader with pairing information that she isn’t interested in.
As it stands now, the mission statement would be as follows:
My business goal is to complete a cookbook by August 2018 that is a pure representation of my voice, that is both authentic and useful to the reader as well as being entertaining, aesthetically pleasing and that will cover the basics of cooking and the necessary equipment needed.
Ok…if any of you have any feedback, I’d love to read it.
(that’s what extremely cultured food people say to each other. Then we force our fists down our throats and throw up everywhere.)

grilled cheese

5 thoughts on “Let’s Consider a Few Things…

  1. I know it’s been a while and you probably don’t remember me but I am SO interested and hope you complete this. Please put beer/wine pairings in with the content meant for pairing! If you do decide to have it’s own place in the book, maybe more general like what alcohol would go well these these meats (lamb, chicken, fish), vegetables, etc. Are you looking to pair with local wineries or breweries? Also are you putting nutrition facts into the book? Love to hear back and hope you’re doing well!

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