Ok, First Things First

Thank you all for such an awesome response to this blog, the cookbook and overall support!

That being said, let me explain what I intend to do with what I’ve learned from your comments.

Everyone responded almost unanimously that you’d like me to include beverage pairings/recommendations with each recipe. Consider it done.

I’m going to tackle this two ways:

  1. I’ll make some recommendations regarding wine/beer/cocktails in each recipe. And why I’ve chosen that particular option.
  2. I’m also going to include a section on classic cocktails too. I feel like we get trapped in our Jack & Cokes and Gin & Tonics, and this will give you a way to explore some other fun libations – especially when seasons change and you’re looking for something new.

My next post will be my personal philosophy about wine (not entirely omitting beer) and why I think its such an important part of the meal as a whole. And also why you shouldn’t EVER be afraid of asking questions. No one came out of the womb knowing shit about shit. We all had to learn at some point. So, look for that tomorrow.

I’ve also got a handful of you looking for healthier options too – Gluten free, Non-Dairy, Low sugar/salt, Lower Calorie options and lighter fare. You’ve got a deal. I’ll make sure to include these as the recipe unfolds.

This book will be a multitude of interesting things – The idea is that it should be fun. I promise that you will learn a ton, laugh, be inspired and will find that cooking is easy, simple and soul moving. No shit. I swear. Cooking for yourself is one thing, but cooking for others is one of the greatest gifts that you can give another person. You’re literally asking someone to put something that you made into their body. That’s simply the second most intimate thing you can do to another human being. It’s fucking magic.

I’ll leave you with that.

Have a perfect day.


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