Let’s Outfit Your Kitchen

I’m guessing most of you are going to have the majority of these items (you’re likely to have more than I’ve listed), but let’s make sure we’ve got the basics covered. There are also items listed that are optional – If you don’t have an outdoor grill, you could always buy as cast iron grill that has the grates but lies flat on your stove. Just make sure and turn the fan on above the stove. I bet you never turn that thing on anyway. Now’s your chance.

Pots & Pans:
Large Skillet
Large Stock Pot
Non-Stick 6” Egg Pan
Baking Sheet Pans
Baking Dish (Like a casserole dish)
Stainless Steel Skillet
Sauté Pan (Wide flat bottom with high sides)
Small Sauce Pan
Medium Sauce Pan
Large Pot
Cast Iron Skillet
Bowls – Small, Medium & Large
Mesh Strainer
Box Grater

Small Wares:
Can Opener
Vegetable Peeler (Y Shaped)
Measuring Cups (Liquid & Dry)
Measuring Spoons
Cork Screw (Church Key – Wine Key)
8” Chef Knife
Serrated Bread Knife
Small Pairing Knife
Wooden Spoons – Including Slotted
Potato Masher
Lemon Squeezer
Kitchen Shears
Rolling Pin
Metal Spatula

Equipment & Miscellaneous:
Cutting Boards
Food Processor (Not totally necessary – But it helps)
Outdoor Grill
Kitchen Towels – Flour Sack
Storage Containers – Microwavable
Aluminum Foil
Parchment Paper

Pantry Items:

Olive Oil
Vegetable Oil
Hot Sauces
Nut Butters
Vinegars – Balsamic, Red Wine, Rice Wine etc.…
Rice – White & Brown
Pasta Noodles – Spaghetti, Farfalle, Cappellini, Udon, Rice Noodles
Dried & Canned Beans
Canned Tomatoes
All Purpose Flour
Steel Cut Oats
Dried Herbs & Spices
• Basil
• Oregano
• Paprika
• Smoked Paprika
• Cayenne Pepper
• Chile Powder
• Chinese 5 Spice
• Cinnamon
• Nutmeg
• Cumin
• Garlic Powder
• Sea Salt
• Thyme
Refrigerated Basics:
Yellow Onions
Lemons & Limes

Did I miss anything?

And please don’t tell me you use a garlic press – I forbid it. Throw it away.

Happy Valentines Day – I love you


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