Wait!!! What???

Yeah, yeah…I know. This is SUPPOSED to be a cookbook!

Well, at certain times I’ll use this blaaaahg to highlight some of me and my brain.

This is one of those times…


I’ve been known to rant about shit. Tell-it-like-it-is kinda stuff…from my perspective, of course. But this thing I have about this subject merit a discussion. A real-life change-the-world type discussion. Because this insane shit has gone on long enough…

Blowing your nose in public HAS. TO. STOP.

Let’s dissect this.
Ok, so it’s clearly not ok to relieve yourself in public. Spitting in public is obviously frowned upon. No one is apt to clean their ears in a public setting, nor is it looked on favorably to clip one’s finger/toe nails in any possible scenarios not in the privacy of one’s home. Can we agree?

So then why the fuck is ok to take a massive deep breath, hold a cloth over your nose and PURPOSELY exhale enough to audibly manipulate your sinuses and expel a fluid through them? WHY???? This has to stop. Also, use your turn signal.

I love you.

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