After sorting out a few things – mostly getting better in touch with what’s really moving me right now – I’ve come to the decision that a ‘traditional’ cookbook isn’t really feeding my cravings (not that this was traditional by any stretch of the imagination). By that I mean, that posting recipes and such isn’t what I’m fully willing to invest a bunch of time in. I promised authenticity – And I’m not sure that in keeping in line with that goal that cookbook writing is me being my best self. And more importantly, the best use of your reading time either. That being said, I’m clearly going to post recipes when inspired.



If you’re paying attention, you’ve noticed that I’ve changed the name of the blog to Chef or Death. The link to the blog will remain the same, but my content will change – kind of.

I’ll use this blog as a sister site to the upcoming podcast – Chef or Death. This project is my real passion and even if you’re not employed in the hospitality industry, I think you’ll enjoy the conversations that ensue.

This is a podcast about the Chef Life, restaurants, kitchens and bars, the people who live the ‘life’ and the world that’s not on television.
It’s about the pitfalls, pratfalls, and the real personalities that run the hospitality business.
What it takes to do this ‘life’. What the inside of our heads looks like, and what our beating hearts feel like.
I’ll take you in to the smelly, sweaty, sexy inner depths of what restaurant work is.
This isn’t a show about what you see portrayed on television.
This show exposes the myth of a glamourous life of caviar and Champagne. Hand shaking and baby kissing. (Although, that does in fact exist).
I uncover the mystique of an unrepresented class of working folk. Because this is the truth, this is the reality of the restaurant business.
This. Is a reality show.
We undercover the tattoos, drugs, alcohol, sex and crushing heartbreak that is a constant in our industry – and we understand the why.
I talk to chefs, bartenders, owners, service staff, dishwashers and bussers, as well as mental health professionals, food & beverage vendors and everyone in between. I find out from the pros what it takes to successfully navigate the pirate ship we’re all on.
It’s a conversation that is built on passionate interviews. We laugh. We cry. We cuss and praise. We talk like restaurant people talk. We talk the truth. We talk bluntly, and with immediacy. Because it’s our way…. it’s the only way we can communicate.
This is, Chef or Death

I’m partnering with an organization called Fox Street Compound that will serve several functions including where the podcast will be recorded, live streamed via YouTube and Facebook live. We’re also planning to do the podcast in front of a live studio audience. I’m most excited about this prospect! For those that know me – you get why.

We’re finalizing the details soon – so please comment any other fun things that we might incorporate. Also, if you’re interested in being a guest on the show – please let me know!

Thanks for riding this wave with me – you’re the most important part of what I do.

I love you

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