Day One

That saying about today is the first day of the rest of your life used to twist up my brain when I was little. I wasn’t great, or even good at math and this word problem developed into a math problem. It took me awhile, but I eventually worked it out. A+

In literally hours I’ll be taking the stage for my first ever vodcast. I’m surprisingly not nervous at all. I’m telling myself that it’s because I prepared well, got some great guests, I have an amazing support system behind me and that the room I’m soon to take charge of is perfect for what I’m about to do.

In fact, It’s none of that. Although all of that sure fucking makes my life easier…it is because, I’m ready. Not just prepared, but “Me” is ready. I searched and asked and begged and cried and wanted and struggled and almost died.

My thing found me just as I was searching for it. We’re happy and looking to make this a permanent situation. I love my it, and it loves me.

I’ve been asking for this my whole life…

I hope I don’t tear up onstage, but it’s likely.

Let’s do a fucking show…

I love you

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