A Writer, A Poet, A Genius…I know It

When my friend Devi came to me with the idea of having her wife on as a guest – I wasn’t resistant to the idea, I just had a plan for Chef or Death. The plan was to ONLY talk with those of us that live on this Pirate Ship. This was OUR ship. And whomever wanted to watch/listen to our magnificent journey, would have to do it from afar. They would be delivered stories and pictures of our conquests through audio platforms and social media. I protect my crew. We can hold our own, thank you very much. A stowaway would be sniffed out immediately and murdered swiftly. We’d spare them the humiliation of walking any planks, because we understand the fascination. But we don’t have time for them. We’re fucking busy. This is our ship.

Devi was insistent that I reconsider. “She has something to offer us, captain. A voice that needs to be heard…she can tell our story unlike any other!”

I warned her the fate that befell the foolish that answered the Siren song. Doom.

“We are in no need of a scribe! She’ll force us to the rocks!” I predicted

“No captain…Listen.”

Devi is a hard crewmember to ignore. She hails from a land down under. A place where the fauna is unlike any other on Earth. The sun burns it’s landscape. Where the incarcerated are left to die; where the natives have banished themselves to the red clay that extends for an eternity, and where the wine is as dark as Satan’s soul. She’s a bit hard to understand too. Her words are masked by an accent undecipherable to most. But I hear her. I’m a genius after all. I’m a wise captain.

“I’ll entertain your ask, young Devi. Bring her to me.”

A Siren indeed. She sang to me stories of pain and sorrow. Of fire and grease, blood and the grinding of worn incisors. The gnashing of teeth against bone and flesh. The broken hearts of those we left behind as we scorch the earth and cut the seas.

Her stories conjured tears from my bloodshot eyes. I hadn’t felt my heart beat in my chest as hard as that when I too am in battle.

She was fierce. We pirates embrace ferocity. She was one of us.

“I’ll let her aboard, young Devi. I’ll let her tell our tale…It’s clear to me that she too lives it.”


It’s fitting that the last show of the season will profile an outsider – Yet, one fully invested in our life. She’s a writer, a poet, a genius…I know it.

Our Siren has our best intentions in mind. Listen and learn. She won’t steer us to the rocks. We’re capable of doing that ourselves. I predict that she’ll set our course away from peril. In fact I know it. Trust your captain. I’m a genius after all…
Welcome aboard Azure Antoinette



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