The Conspiracy Theory of You (Is it to the Sky?)

Piracy. It’s not an accident that word is a part of the word.


There is no such thing as an overnight success. You simply cannot find one. We measure ourselves and where we stand in life against so many arbitrary, unrealistic notions. When we talk about ‘overnight successes’ we are in fact, broadcasting jealousy loud and clear to the world. It’s pitiful. When we do this nonsense, we also communicate to the world that we think we could do better, be better, and are more entitled to the newfound success that someone else has realized. Stop it.

When Justin Bieber burst onto the scene – it was widely categorized as an overnight success. He just appeared out of nowhere. Meanwhile, his countless hours of practice, writing and YouTube video uploads goes unnoticed. He did the work. It just so happens that he was good – really good. Fan or not, he did what it took to get noticed. And, it worked.

So. Let’s talk about you. Do you operate on either of these two planes:

“What’s in it for me”


“What’s in it for them”

I’m not purposing that either are correct for your situation – But I am proposing that only one of these roads leads to the sky.

Here’s what I think – and please, stop reading if you don’t want to hear my story.

Ok, so I used to operate as a taker. What I mean by that is, I had needs that I wanted fulfilled immediately. If I examined a situation and there was an expenditure of energy that I had to commit to, but after weighing the outcome (what’s in it for me) didn’t add up – I declined. Same as the traditional way of an hourly wage/salary negotiation. I’ll give you this for this. A transaction that both parties agree to. It’s a win-win.

Well, after 40+ years of negotiating like a child negotiates a treat for the completion of chores – I stopped.

What wasn’t working for me was this:


By entering into an agreement with another human being was getting to be one-sided.

I was always the loser in any arrangement.

Here’s some Soundgarden – They always can explain stuff better than me:

Brilliant, right?

So, when I made the switch – it was purely out of desperation. It was an experiment more than anything. I just did the opposite of everything I was currently doing. I no longer expected a reciprocal relationship with the party I was entering contractually. I just did stuff. If you asked me for something – I just gave it to you. If you needed a hand, I had one. If you needed…I had and gave. Without anything expected in return.

Then something changed – and yes, I’m about to get a bit woo woo on your ass.

As when I was selfish – the world felt as if it was conspiring against me.

Now, the Universe is conspiring FOR me.

The amount of awesome shit that has happened to me since I did this has been unbelievably big. I’m actually struggling to compose into words what has happened. But, you’ve seen it…you know what happened to me. You’ve been a part of it. You knew me when. And now you know me now. If this isn’t proof, then stay tuned.

Reach out and ask me how this happened. I’ll tell you.

But as I told my friend yesterday – IT’S HARD OR ELSE EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT!!

Don’t listen to the negative shit in your head. Stop conspiring against yourself. Put yourself on an island and don’t tell anyone what you’re doing. Stop searching with your good eye closed…

I love you.

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