Rant & Roll

I just realized I’m breaking my own rule. Crying about dumb shit is chipping away at what I’m building. And I’m stopping it right fucking now. And I need you to do the same.

COD Hat 3

I have everything I need to keep building my dream. Everything. A shit ton of money isn’t going to cure anything I’m perceiving to stand in my way of my dream. I HAVE MY DREAM!! IT’S HERE NOW!! I begged for these problems. I asked for this and I’m living it. A year ago I would have traded a limb for what I have now.


The shit I get asked to do now is mind boggling. The access I have now. The connections and friends I’ve made, the support system I have now, the reach, the meaningfulness of what we’re doing, the authenticity, the drive, the momentum, the energy that pushes this machine pales in comparison to any amount of money that I could ever throw at this. Because it’s real. I didn’t buy any of what’s happening – I couldn’t have. I worked and worked and slaved away at making this. So many wonderful people have been involved in my project and I couldn’t be happier. I can fucking breathe.


Stop worrying about what you don’t have and just enjoy what you do have. That’s it! That’s all you have to do. Be present and recognize when things are good.


There is so much more I want to give. So many projects to undertake. So many ideas to bring into the world. This is what we have – the now.

I’m writing this as a reminder to myself and as a call to action for you.


You can do whatever the fuck you want. Do whatever the fuck makes you happy. That’s your gift begging you to exercise it and use it!! That’s why it’s there – because we need you to do something with it! The world is a worse place because you refuse us your thing! Do us all a favor and uncover, rediscover and act on your happiness. I swear on everything that your life will better. The energy you put out is the energy you get back. That’s a fact. Look it the fuck up! IT’S SCIENCE PEOPLE!!


Do you know why I don’t charge anyone to be on my show? Because I made a platform that serves them – not me. So, how do I benefit? YOU TELL ME!!! Have you seen the changes to me as a person? A friend? A human being? If you ever knew me before CoD – you could easily attest to my claim. I was fucking asshole 99% of the time – I was a sponge, a cancer, moody as fuck, unhappy, angry, soulless, inconsiderate and a dick. I was a taker.

Now I just give. Literally anything you need, I have. And it’s yours.

Focus on what makes you happy. Work day and night for it. In the meantime – give.


Want to hear more of my story and what happened to me personally to get to here? I was asked to tell you by my friend Zachary Johnston – He interviews me this Monday on Chef or Death.

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