Chef or Death #83 – Bill St. John – Sober or Death #3

Bill St John Pic1

For more than 40 years, Bill St John has written and taught about restaurants, wine, food, and the history of the cooking; he’s also written on travel, and language. He taught for several years each at Regis University in Denver and at The University of Chicago, and was on-air talking about food and restaurants with Denver’s KCNC-TV for a dozen years (1990-2002). In Rome in 1988, he interviewed the nuns who feed the Pope; in 1990, he cooked on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express. He spent a week in 1997 as a Trappist monk at the brewery of Orval, Belgium, and in 1998 Julia Child took a 20-minute nap on his right shoulder. He’s also sober – a feat not easily undertaken…

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