Chef or Death #94 – Nikki Olst – Epicurean Catering Company

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General Manager & Executive chef of Epicurean Catering Denver at Empower Field at Mile High, Nicole Olst has been active in the Denver culinary community for 8 years. Starting out as a seasonal staff member in the pastry department, Nikki thrived in the commercial catering arena, moving up the ranks within Epicurean. She has held many positions over the last 8 years, including; Pastry Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Innovation Chef, Project Manager, Executive Chef and now General Manager, cooking for over 4,000 guests each football game and planning 250 events a year.

Originally from Michigan, Nikki moved to Colorado in 2004 to pursue an internship after receiving her degree in Fashion Design and Engineering. After many years in the workforce, she changed her career attention to her passion for food, Throughout her years in the Hospitality and Culinary world, Nikki has worked with many non-profits for food recovery, including We Don’t Waste and VOA Denver. Nikki has also worked with a number of other great chefs during non-profit, chef driven events around the city; Corks & Forks, Fill a plate, Flavors of Denver, and the Dumpster Dinner

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