Chef or Death #96 – Adrienne Larrew – Corner Post Meats

Adrienne Larrew Pic

Corner Post Meats is meat for people who give a damn – Envision a feisty young girl who was always outspoken, active and strong-willed. Adrienne Larrew was that little girl who spent her days outdoors whether it was camping with her parents or fixing fence on her Grandparent’s ranch. Even though she grew up in the suburbs of Denver, she found that ranch work suited her. Adrienne worked on ranches throughout the west, where she met Dan, her business partner, and cohort in all kinds of adventures. They worked together for several years before starting Corner Post Meats with a handful of critters in Wyoming. To better connect with their customers, they left the rural mountains to build a thriving business along the Colorado Front Range and have located Corner Post Meats in Black Forest, on a ranch owned by the National Audubon Society.

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