Chef or Death #102 – Brewery Rickoli

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What Is Brewery Rickoli?
Quite simply, It’s much better Beer!
In view of the raised awareness of gluten and GMO sensitivities, Mike and Rick Abitbol are raising the bar on craft beer.
Brewery Rickoli – The ORIGINAL Colorado Craft Beer That’s Crafted to Remove Gluten!
Their award winning brew master noticed something missing in the Gluten free / Gluten Removed beer selection.
What was missing was real beer, flavorful styles that reflect the spirit of our wonderful craft beer industry!
It is as if people with sensitivities must not have taste buds or want flavorful beer. The options are very limited.
So, that’s what Brewery Rickoli is about – Great Craft Beer with a wide variety of styles and just some care to remove the bothersome gluten.

Let’s give them a big GF Cheers!!!

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