Chef or Death #103 – Elise Wiggins – Roots to Ranches

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Growing up in the South, Elise Wiggins’s first memories are of family and food. Her family had a tremendous influence on her becoming a chef.

Elise Wiggins grew in the small Louisiana town of West Monroe. Her childhood was filled with time spent with her family hunting, fishing, gardening and cooking. The first thing her father taught her during her first hunting trip at the age of 6 ½ was to eat what you kill and to never waste food. He literally whispered in her ear when she put the bead of the shot gun on the bird and whispered in her ear ‘ we NEVER kill unless we plan on using and eating all the animal. Are you ready?” Elise replied yes knowing the gravity of what she was about to do. This was the foundation for Elise’s successful career as a chef.

Chef and owner of Cattivella – She also just showcased a premier of her new style of cooking show, Roots to Ranches that will air on Rocky Mountain PBS on January 30th at 8PM. The episodes will follow each Thursday at 8PM.

Her goal is to blow people’s minds with such interesting content that the viewers are asking themselves what is this crazy lady going to do next.

She’s doing Chef or Death today!!! Crazy…

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