Chef or Death #106 – Altius Farms

Altius Farms Pic1

In order to feed the worlds population, it would require the land mass equal to South America. It’s estimated in the next 40 years an additional 3 billion people will inhabit the earth – The amount of land to feed that many people just doesn’t exist – So the potential solution to this dilemma, is vertical farming

The internet has all sorts of illustrations depicting grand vertical farming ideas – many of which would prove to be wildly expensive – It’s more science fiction and utopia dreaming than anything.

So how does one convert science fiction to science fact?

Altius Farms launched its flagship farm at the Denver S*Park development in Oct 2018.
It is the largest vertical aeroponic rooftop Tower Farm in the nation. Sally Herbert and her team have given us a look into the future of farming in the 21st century…and it’s delicious

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