Chef or Death #122 – Josh Niernberg

Josh Pic777

Chef Josh Niernberg is one of my favorite people, ever. Josh began his culinary career cooking in his native city of Denver. After spending 20+ years working in all aspects of both front and back of house throughout Colorado, he and wife Jodi created Bin 707 Foodbar in her hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado. Designed to showcase Western Colorado as a culinary region by focusing on local Ranching, Agriculture, Distilling, & Winemaking. Bin 707 Foodbar was intended to be an economic driver for the community and was quickly successful in its mission. In 2015 the couple added a Food Truck to host offsite events and help further drive the culinary culture of the region. Through exploring the cuisines and ingredients available locally, Josh saw the need to expand the regional cuisine ideas into new concepts. In 2016 The couple opened TacoParty in Grand Junction.

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