Chef or Death #126 – Josh Oakley – Avelina

Josh Oakley

Josh Oakley’s career began twelve years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona at Christopher’s and Crush Lounge, where he started as a pantry cook and worked his way up to the line and grill. “It was that classic scene of an 18-year-old in over his head with star-packed chefs—and it was a butt kicking,” remembers Oakley. Hungry for more, Oakley embraced his sense of adventure and accepted a line cook position with the Pullman in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, working his way up to sous chef in just one year.

Now the executive chef of Avelina, Oakley has a fearless sense of adventure and a true passion for cooking, both of which have guided him through his culinary journey. “I really enjoy the working environment, where 10 hours pass and it doesn’t even feel like working. It’s a passion that has taken me to France and throughout Colorado. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the talented team at Avelina,” he says.

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