Make Our Voices HEARD!


Courtesy of Katie Lazor – head of Eat Denver – NOTE – These are NATIONAL CAMPAIGNS…they are helpful for ALL restaurants – please forward to all in your networks.

Things you can do today to help make sure our industry’s voice is heard in this federal aid package going to the Senate “as early as Monday” (NYT live updates on this):

1. Join 70K others in filling out National Restaurant Association form (takes 1 min) that auto-sends to your state reps. Then encourage your entire teams and networks to do the same

2. Sign this restaurateur and chef-led petition that now has 230K signatures

3. Share these two, plus the images that Dana Query (Big Red F Restaurant Group) sent out yesterday (Google Drive link), on social media, tagging our state reps and national leaders working on the aid package. See @eat_denver’s post if you need an example
Thanks – we need to push on this, and push often… only takes a few minutes. and it means tons. We all need to speak at the top of our lungs, and this is the best way to do that.
Kate Kaufman
Operations Director – Denver Central Market

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