Chef or Death #134 – Postcard Foods

Postcard Foods - Bridget feeding Jim

Try not to fall in love too much with the Postcard Foods story…

Bridget Bagel began preparing frozen meals for Jim Abraham while they were dating long distance, so at the end of each night they could video chat and enjoy dinner together, even while thousands of miles apart.

Bridget knew from her years as a ski bum waitress, that with long wait times for unexceptional meals at exorbitant prices, mountain towns can be challenging for out of town diners. She quickly realized that the frozen meals she was making her honey would be the perfect après dinner for visitors looking for a flavorful home cooked meal, while on the road.

The pair decided to recreate her wholesome, globally-inspired recipes, to offer to passing travelers from in their vintage postcard-shaped food outpost.

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