COD Hat 3

This is a podcast about the chef life, restaurants, kitchens and bars, the people who live the ‘life’ and the world that’s not on television. Hosted by Eric Chiappetta.

Chef. Former Oenophile. Food Blogger. Host of the podcast, Chef or Death. Expert Parallel Parker. Super Genius. Devastatingly Handsome. Mildly Modest.

A native Coloradoan, chef Eric is the former chef/owner of 3rd Ave Eclectic Burgers & Cuisine, Larimer Hot House, 3Top Catering, and Chia’s Breakfast & Lunch Counter. He has over 30 years of bloodletting, alcohol consumption, teeth grinding and mastering all applications of applying heat to ingestible matter.

This is the Podcast Chef or Death – He explores the Food and Beverage community and talks with the who’s-who of mountain movers and icons in his industry.

A longtime devotee of David Letterman, Johnny Carson and Charlie Rose, chef Eric manages to interview his guests with probing questions while keeping things light with his wit, sarcasm and humor. Putting his subjects at ease, Eric uncovers more than just vanilla answers. His charm and authenticity pull his interviews to a next-level of casual conversation while giving his listeners a can’t-put-it-down listen.

When he’s not researching for his next show, Eric can be found doing laundry, playing fetch with his cat Nero, or checking his hair.

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