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Chef or Death Sponsorship Program

Let’s partner up! Chef or Death is the #6 rated chef podcast in the world!
I have the ‘Earballs’ that your product or service needs to help grow market share! I have packages that fit your budget and can easily be consumed literally FOREVER!! Packages from one show or many.
Prices Shown are per Episode.

Line Cook
· $300
· 15-30 second ‘Pre-Roll” Opening Introduction at the beginning of the podcast utilizing your pre-written script.
Sous Chef
· $700
· 1 -1.5 minute “Mid-Roll” Includes “Off the Cuff” mention and scripted commercial reading, or
· Integration of your product/brand/service into the dialogue of the show in an organic way, e.g., host and guests trying/enjoying your product or talking about your business conversationally to create positive brand affinity among listeners.
Executive Chef
· $1250
· Includes “Line Cook” and “Sous Chef”
· “Post Roll” wrap – 1-1.5 minute Scripted commercial
The Owner
· $2000
· You will be the sole “Owner” of the show – Exclusive commercial mentions
· Includes Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, and “Post-Roll”



For more information on how to participate  in the Chef or Death Sponsorship Program, email us at chefchiappetta@gmail.com.