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Chef or Death Sponsorship Program

Let’s partner up! Chef or Death is the #5 rated chef podcast in the world!
I have the ‘Earballs’ that your product or service needs to help grow market share! I have packages that fit your budget and can easily be consumed literally FOREVER!! Packages from one show or many.
Prices shown are per episode, and we air two shows weekly!

Don’t want to place an ad? Check out The Regular option and I’ll include your logo on the page, or if you just want to support the show – become a Big Tipper give as much as you’d like!

Line Cook
· $50
· 15-30 second ‘Pre-Roll” Opening Introduction at the beginning of the podcast utilizing your pre-written script.

Sous Chef
· $85
· 1 -1.5 minute “Mid-Roll” Includes “Off the Cuff” mention and scripted commercial reading, or
· Integration of your product/brand/service into the dialogue of the show in an organic way, e.g., host and guests trying/enjoying your product or talking about your business conversationally to create positive brand affinity among listeners.

Executive Chef
· $200
· Includes “Line Cook” and “Sous Chef”
· “Post Roll” wrap – 1-1.5 minute Scripted commercial

The Owner
· $500
· You will be the sole “Owner” of the show – Exclusive commercial mentions
· Includes Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, and “Post-Roll”

The Regular

  • $25 per month/ 6 Month Comittment
  • Logo presence on the site
  • Shout out mention on the show

Big Tipper

  • Just want to support the show? Here’s how!
  • Any amount from $5 and up!
  • We just appreciate your support!

For more information on how to participate in the Chef or Death Sponsorship Program, email us at chefchiappetta@gmail.com.

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